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What’s happening with Willow Glen home values?

San Jose’s Willow Glen is one of the most desirable ares in Silicon Valley areas and the real estate market and recent home prices show steady growth and appreciation. The video below will give you more information for October 2015 and you can rest assured that the active downtown association will work diligently to protect the home values and unique lifestyle of San Jose’s Willow Glen area.

The tree lined streets of downtown Willow Glen offer a small-town feel nestled in the city of San Jose — the 10th largest city in the nation. Stroll downtown Willow Glen and find sidewalk cafes, coffee shops, boutiques, vintage shops, strollers parked outside unique kid stores, and doggie water bowls everywhere. Grab breakfast, lunch, or dinner, deposit a check, book a trip, rent a costume, get your eyes or teeth checked, drop off your clothes for cleaning, or pick up your prescription. All this and more with free, convenient parking on the street and in the public parking garage or lot.

If you’d like information on your Willow Glen home’s value or what it would take to find a rental or home of your own in this beautiful neighborhood, please contact me today and we’ll get started.

Willow Glen October Real Estate Market Update Video from Michael Fielden on Vimeo.